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Heather Stewart

Royal Oak Board of Education

May 2nd


I have been a resident and property owner in the Whittier area for 8 years. I've also been a Civil Engineer for 10 years, working in Land Development Design, Property Management, and Environmental Consulting for Residential, Commercial, Municipal and Industrial clients. Beyond technical knowledge, this type of work demands: creativity, budget accountability, value engineering, and effective communication with technical and non-technical team members.

Why I am Running for the School Board:

I believe most people in Royal Oak truly desire a high-quality School District that will continue to make us proud and help maintain the steady growth of our property values. It should be clear that we all have a vested interest in the success of our public school system. I believe that most of us are willing to make certain personal sacrifices to ensure that success.

But, that doesn't mean we should approve just any school tax on the ballot. Many of us are seeing some very difficult economic times these days. While we go without luxuries and even some necessities, finding ways to live within our ever-shrinking means, it can be frustrating when we hear that the School District seems to refuse to do the same. Taxpayers want and deserve more respect, awareness, and control over the very large investment we make in our schools. Many of us are feeling left out of the equation. To add insult to injury, there are some 'pro-school' activists that don't seem to understand that:

'Pro-Fiscal-Responsibility' does not equal 'Anti-Child'

With the passage of the latest bond and the residents more cash-strapped than ever, the Hold Harmless millage – 28% of the District's budget – is now in danger of failing. The millage is earmarked for salaries and classroom expenses. Unfortunately, a 28% budget loss could be devastating to the quality of our school system. The bond money cannot be used to fund the operating budget. The District could find itself in a nasty predicament this Fall, with luxuries bought and paid for and not enough money for employee salaries. That would not be good for the community. I hope you will somehow find it in your budgets to Vote Yes on Hold Harmless and prevent a catastrophic loss to the District and the community.

Campaign Coverage

LWVOA/PTA Candidates’ Forum:

The League of Women Voters and the Royal Oak Parent Teachers Association hosted a Candidates' Forum on March 28th. The forum was taped and will be re-broadcast by local cable channel WOAK.

Broadcast Schedule:
SunApr 9 10 AM  08 PM 
MonApr 10    08 PM 
TueApr 11     10 PM
WedApr 12    08 PM 
ThuApr 13     10 PM
FriApr 14   04 PM 10 PM
SatApr 1508 AM 02 PM04 PM 10 PM
SunApr 1608 AM 02 PM04 PM 10 PM
MonApr 17    08 PM 
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SatApr 22 10 AM  08 PM 
SunApr 23 10 AM  08 PM 
MonApr 24    08 PM 
TueApr 25     10 PM
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ThuApr 27     10 PM
FriApr 28     10 PM
SatApr 29  02 PM  10 PM
SunApr 30  02 PM  10 PM

Absentee Voting:

If you can’t make it to the polls on May 2nd, you still have an opportunity to vote by absentee ballot.  The ballot request must be received by April 28th.

A voter eligible to vote by absent voter ballot may also vote in person at the clerk’s office anytime up to 4 p.m. the day before the election.

All absent voter ballots must be received by the clerk’s office not later than 8 p.m. on election day.

How to Support the Campaign

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